Shortcuts for iOS is a built in tool for making small programmes to make the most of the power of your phone. Below are a few shortcuts I’ve made which I think you might enjoy!

Animal Age Calculator

Are you curious how old your cat or dog is in human years? Are they the equivalent in age to a child, a teenager or a older person? Find out with this shortcut and you can easily share your results too!

Get the shortcut here!

Add Weight Data

Do you use the Apple Health app to store your weight data? Maybe you would like to enter your weight with different units? Well we have you covered with input in either: stones and pounds, pounds or kilograms all accepted, and you can choose each time you run the shortcut too.

Get the shortcut here!

There are lots of great examples of shortcuts over at MacStories in their Shortcuts archive, which is the inspiration for this page sharing the shortcuts I’ve made.

Download Shortcuts for iOS here: