CIBSE YEN Chairs Conference 2017 - Manchester - Live Blog / by David Mather

This weekend see's the 2017 CIBSE YEN Chairs Conference take place in Manchester, UK. As the event unfolds this page will be updated to report on the events.


12/5/17 16:00 - Traveling to Manchester

People are travelling to Manchester from all across the UK and even from Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia, Greece and the USA. My journey was a straightforward rail connection into Manchester Piccadilly. With the majority of conference attendees gathering for a 6pm meetup the months of planning are over and the event can finally begin.

Photo 12-05-2017, 18 54 17.jpg

12/5/17 19:00 - Ice Breaker Social Event

This years pre-conference social is being held at The Comedy Store, Manchester. The evening started with a few words from the current YEN Representative, the CIBSE Technical Director and the YEN Centre Chair for Manchester. We also had the mandatory group photo before an evening of food, drink and laughter, as would be expected in such a venue.

13/5/17 9:00 - Technical Tour - Co-Op HQ

Each year before the main conference meeting we hold a technical tour of an interesting site, local to the event. This year we had the pleasure of visiting the Beehive, the Co-Op's headquarters in Manchester. The building features natural ventilation through earth tubes, an atrium used for the stack effect and high level vents in the roof over the atrium. Mechanical cooling is provided for the hotter days of the year too.

13/5/17 14:00 - Conference

Details coming soon....

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