Introduction / by David Mather

My name is David Mather, I am a Building Services Engineer in the UK.

Building Services Systems keep our homes and workplaces habitable, functional and comfortable. Systems for heating, cooling, lighting and electrical power supply are responsible for a significant proportion of energy consumption in the UK. Much of the energy we use in our homes and workplaces is from the burning of fossils fuels. The impact on the planet is clear: Climate Change.

Whilst I work as a consultant on a variety of new-build and refurbishment projects I also want to share discussion points with a wider audience. I want to continue to contribute to topics of debate amongst engineers and also highlight the risks of climate change to all.

This website brings together my ideas and thoughts on both building a low carbon building stock, and a strong, diverse and enthusiastic community to design it.

A series of my photos will be published on this site celebrate architecture, cityscapes and renewable technologies.